Her is an short, musically interactive, story game looking at how people come together when in love and how we fall back out of it.

You task is simple; You control both characters at the same time and have to climb your way to the top. When your two worlds are in sync this is easy, but as you start distancing yourselves and your worlds start drifting it becomes much harder. I wanted to capture the feeling people working on a relationship when they're falling out of love.

Throughout the levels there are various pickups, each of which plays a random note. When the worlds are close together (the characters are in love) the notes compliment the music. As they start drifting the notes start to sour.

There is a running narrative throughout the game that fits with the music as well, so take your time and work your way to the top.

The music in the background was played by myself on acoustic guitar and simply recorded with my phone.