• Title: Heist
  • Release Date: December 2013
  • Platform: Windows, HTML
  • Website: Ludum Dare
  • Source: Download GameMaker Project
  • Software: GameMaker Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Audacity
  • Summary: Heist is a stealth game about fleeing after a robbery. The room is crazy dark but you do have a single blast of IR. Use it wisely to find your way out.

Welcome to my second Lundum Dare entry 'Heist'. Heist is a stealth game about making your way out of a heist with your haul.

You can't just walk out tough, oh no. There's a few things standing in your way. Not only that .. it's pretty dark; you can only see a small area around you. You do however have 1 blast of IR that illuminates the level for you. Make sure you use this wisely and memorize the level because .... it soon gonna be reeaaalll dark.

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