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Here you can find a complete list of games that I've have made. Not all of them are necessarily from Greeny Games, I post all my Uni work for example, but if I make a game in any capacity it will be included in this page.

Clicking on any of the boxes below will take you to that games respective website or webpage where you can find more information.

Steam Games

The following are 'complete' games that I work on day-to-day and will see full commercial releases.

Samphi is a randomly-generated survival/rpg set in a 2D sandbox universe in which you're travelling through memories to re-live a broken relationship before letting go.

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Ludum Dare Games

Ludum Dare is a great exercise in game development. I've entered the last 5 compos and will be doing so for the forseable future so I'll be posting my games here.

In accordance with Ludum Dare rules the source is freely available. Feel free to use the source to learn and make your own games but please don't directly profit from my work or I'll send him after you.

Clicking on any thumbnail will take you to that game's page to learn more about it and most importantly play it!

You play the part of a moronic, chefs assistant, given the task of ridding the kitchen of rats. Your weapon? Your awful gas.

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It's December 1st and it's time to start preparing for Christmas 2014. You have $50,000 and 24 days to create as many presents as possible.

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Her is a short, musically interactive story game looking at how people come together when in love and how we fall back out of it. It's my favourite project to-date.

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Kraken's Island is a physics-based destruction sandbox. You play as the Kraken and you have to protect your treasure from the bastard pirates that are trying to steal it!

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Heist is a stealth game about fleeing after a robbery. The room is crazy dark but you do have a single blast of IR. Use it wisely to find your way out.

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Welcome To 'The Red Button'; a fast paced unforgiving platformer. You have 10 seconds to reach the red button at the end of the level or else. Simple ... Right?

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University Games

I'm currently studying for a degree in Computer Games Programming at the University of Huddersfield and in order to get assessed we make games.

I figured why not post them here as open source! Some of these are solo project and others group projects. I have permission from my team members to post them here.

Hopefully they will be of use to some new devs and those looking for an insight into such a coarse. :)

Headless Hunter was a team project in which we had 3 weeks to make a quick Android game. This was my first time using Unity and I'm pretty pleased with the result.

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My end-of-year assignemt after my first year was Java was to produce a small game. Who Wants To Be A Zillionaire was my hand-in for this module.

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Qurantine was my first complete game made in C++ using DirectXTK toolkit. It was the final product of one of my first year module for which I received an A.

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Descent was a team project during my first year of Uni. The game was coded in C++ using DirectXTK and I was a programmer on the team.

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First Game

This doesn't fit into any above category and is a pretty poor excuse for a game but I didn't want to exlude it; Pharoes Tomb was the first game I ever created!

After this I moved onto what would become Samphi; 4 years later i'm still at it!

I created this game back in 2010 during the summer holiday after highschool. Art assets were taken from GameMaker and it was made using 95% drag-and-drop actions.

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