Greeny Games Studio is an independant game studio based in the UK run by me, Dale Green. I formed the studio around my first title Samphi and have since released a few games under the name.

I hope one day for it to become more that a solo project, for now however it's just me!

For more detailed information on Greeny Games Studio, myself or my projects see below. :)


My real name is Dale Green and I'm a computer programmer and (part-time) designer. I like to play with code of all kinds and build nice things! I'm currently studying for a Computer Games Programming BSc(Hons) degree at Huddersfield University in the UK and in my free time like to create games, software and web stuffs; This site acts as an umbrella for all three. I'm just a one man band so make sure you say hello!

You're probably here because of my game Samphi no? If you are you can check out Samphi's own site here. If you're here just to check out what I'm up to then welcome! "Mi casa es su casa"


Samphi was never intended to be a game that I would release and actually started with my creating a block building engine as a test of skill. I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could do it and when I did I was over the moon. I then went one step further and added lighting to the engine which became very basis of Samphi.

With this I intended to make an exploration game similar to the likes of Terraria and Starbound but lost interest in that when I spotted different potential in the game. My vision for Samphi is a much more rpg/world management based game.

About a year into development a relationship I was in ended and I stepped away from develpment for a while. When I returned I had a new found direction in that I wanted to address coming to terms with the end of a relationship through a game. Given the genre Samphi lies in doesn't have any games with a meaningful story, that I know of, i took the challenge to make the first!

Platform 2D

Finally, platform 2D. This was a University project that I wanted to continue work on one day. Given that Samphi is taking up much more of my time than it used to i don't know where this stands for now.

It was a small IDE that allowed you to design levels for a 2D platform engine me and some friends write in C++. I wanted to expand it to be a full 2D platform game creating tool ... maybe one day.